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Blood in saliva - Undiagnosed Symptoms - MedHelp

Blood in saliva - Undiagnosed Symptoms - MedHelp

Date: 2017-05-23 19:52

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Before using a milk separator, the milk is first heated to 85 676 - 85 676 C and then filtered. The separator operates by turning a handle at a standard speed until the fat has separated from the other components. The fat is called raw butter and is put in a separate container. Some herdsmen add a little sour milk to the raw milk as a starter in order to increase the amount of butter made.


Yak faeces is used primarily as fuel by the herdsmen. But as described earlier, it is also used to make pens and winter enclosures for stock and is painted onto wood fencing in the cold season to fill cracks. In agricultural areas it is sometimes used as fertilizer.

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The herders and their families eat meat mostly for the four to five months following slaughter. Yak are not slaughtered deliberately in spring or early summer because they are in poor condition and very lean at that time - though a few yak may die or be killed as casualties. Meat is therefore rarely eaten by herdsmen from April to July, although dried yak meat is still available.

For example, Tibetan people use the hair mostly to make tents while Yi people use it to make cloaks and short jackets. The procedure is first to weave the yak hair and down mixture into a blanket and then use the blankets to make tents or clothes. The processing procedure depends on what is being made. Blankets of 55 cm width, for example, are woven from two-ply yarn made into a thread. The material for the blanket is loose, clean hair shorn from the belly of the yak, with the long and coarse fibres removed. A tent (Figure ) may be made from two large hair blankets interspersed with several smaller ones. Each year it may be necessary to replace one or two of the smaller blankets. Blankets are also made into a rectangular bag with an opening in the middle.

When you take your blood pressure at home, sit up straight in a chair and put both feet on the floor. Ask your doctor or nurse to show you the right way to position your arm so you get accurate readings.

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Don't use the plural form of a noun after brand of or make of. For example, don't talk about ' a make of vehicles '. Say 'a make of vehicle '.

The quality of yak "beef" is at its best in the autumn because of the good condition of the animals at that time. The method of butchering and eating by the herdsmen is quite simple. The carcass is cut into large cubes then boiled in fresh water for a few minutes. The meat is eaten with salt and with the help of a Tibetan knife. Milk tea is taken at the same time. When guests are present, the meal is more elaborate: Boiled rib-meat from the yak as well as from sheep is served and will be put on a plate and the meat eaten with the hand. There may be a steamed bun stuffed with chopped yak meat to which salt, condiments and fat have been added. The casing of the bun is thin, as the flour mixture has not been fermented. Thawed, frozen yak meat has the same flavour as fresh.

Milk boiled with mushrooms is regarded as a delicacy by herdsmen. Salt is usually added to the milk-mushrooms stew - and the boiling is thought to give protection from poisoning in case the wrong mushrooms have been used.

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