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Could an Iodine Deficiency Be Messing With Your Thyroid?

Could an Iodine Deficiency Be Messing With Your Thyroid?

Date: 2017-05-24 23:04

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6. Your body's iodine requirements, which can vary from person-to-person based on the health issues your body is dealing with (and most issues require iodine).

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I would really like to know if there is a difference between LL Magnetic Clays Nascent Iodine and Earth Labs Nascent Iodine?

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This essay used to be on our Iodine site, but is no longer. However it is still available on some other sites with different titles, but written by Dr. Sircus. Here is one place you can read it: http:///doc/6989876/Nascent-Iodine-Mark-Sircus

Iodine Treatments for Radiation Exposure - Dr. Sircus

Natural salt loading helps with those detox symptoms. Worked for me, and was outlined in 8775 The Iodine Crisis 8776 book. It would be helpful if you do some more research. I believe that the fluorine attaches to the iodine receptors and contributes to iodine deficiency.

If radiation threatens, it behooves people to start taking the highest dosages tolerable to protect not only their thyroids but also all the glandular tissues as well. Iodine protects the thyroid, breasts, prostate and ovary glands as well as other tissues in the body from radiation if present in sufficient quantities.

As a user of Lugol s Iodine Solution and selenium for my hyperthyroid condition I just want to point out I have looked into "Atomidine" or otherwise known as "Nacent Iodine". The short version is that it appears to me to be a scam. My best estimate is that it probably contains potassium iodide in water and no elemental iodine such as in Lugol s solution or Iodoral tablets.

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As Laurel said, it works on skin cancer. Had a long time spot on my forearm that continually itched. Iodine cleared it up. Pealed a couple times but then fine.

While we 8767 re on the topic of bath salts, I notice that epsom salts are mentioned in the same article that I referenced above by Dr. Sircus. I 8767 ve always wondered about the purity, or lack thereof, of the epsom salts that a person can buy at the drugstrore or at walmart.

Yes, pregnant women should take it, but only one dose, so make sure you wait till the last possible hour. See Jon Barron 8767 s site

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