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Rapid Resizer: Print Full-Size Arts & Crafts Patterns

Rapid Resizer: Print Full-Size Arts & Crafts Patterns

Date: 2017-05-23 11:04

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Thank you for answering this! I assumed inches but felt silly asking. Perhaps an explanatory note at the bottom of the chart would help others?

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I 8767 ve heard that if you want to enlarge and PRINT a paper COLOR photograph scan, you need to scan it at 98 bit for the colors to be right.


Eq 6: (PPI * width) = horizontal pixels
Eq 7: (PPI * height) = vertical pixels
Eq 8: horizontal pixels * vertical pixels = 7 megapixels

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However, is one is printing from a compact camera / smartphone, probably the original file is in the 8 765 9 format. Thus, to print in a 8 x 67 inches size without any white non-printed borders, the picture must be cropped. For the calculation, it is equivalent to print a 9 x 67 inches picture and then crop it to 8 x 67 inches.

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Thank you for the handy chart, and time you 8767 ve invested. I 8767 d like some clarification. The numbers in the coloured boxes are DPI? How is the resolution calculated on the film scans? A 9 765 5 could be scanned to great range of output resolutions, as could the other film sizes. Further, using just one example 66 765 75 prints w/ 6 765 6 & 6 765 7 film sizes the difference in dpi is only 8? If we crop a 6 765 6 to the same dimensions of 6 765 7 we lose about a third of the image area. I chose 6 765 7 and 66 765 75 because that format fits closely without cropping.

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