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How Autosomal DNA Testing Can Enlarge and Prove Your

How Autosomal DNA Testing Can Enlarge and Prove Your

Date: 2017-05-23 02:16

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In addition to finding genealogical matches, this new test type will also provide an estimate of your overall ethnic ancestry.

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7. If you test yourself, you will get matches from both sides of your family. For more distant cousins it can be difficult or impossible to tell which side a given match is from. If you test your parents separately, however, you can more confidently place unique matches on one side of your family. That allows you to focus your paper trail comparisons on the correct side and eliminate half the work.

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The three companies that offer this new form of autosomal DNA testing are Family Tree DNA, 78andMe, and .

Family Tree DNA offers a large variety of DNA tests for genealogists and this specific test is called Family Finder .

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