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[Franks T-Girl World] Na is an 18 year old beauty. She

[Franks T-Girl World] Na is an 18 year old beauty. She

Date: 2017-05-24 04:40

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The sheriff released new surveillance video showing the little girl walking through a gated community in New Port Richey and suddenly bolting through the bushes. Seconds later a 67-year-old can be seen chasing her while Drew Bretnall follows behind, recording a Snapchat video on his cell phone.

18-year-old charged after chasing 9-year-old girl - Story

O’Neil said Bailey continued to support her emotionally and financially and had stopped by to visit the day before the shooting.

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When they were shot, Fagre was a passenger and Bailey was driving the truck on Arnold Road, a half-mile-long, one-lane dirt fire lane that connects Webber Pond Road to a handful of camps and homes along the water.

Police also have not said whether Bailey or Fagre were armed or if they thought they were. One man said his father who lives on the road next to Arnold Drive had a gun pointed at him by a male suspect earlier that day before he was tied up and his home robbed.

Police “didn’t need to use excessive force like that. They could have took that car out,” said Jessica Fagre, the mother of Ambroshia “Amber” Fagre , 68, of Oakland, who was fatally shot alongside Kadhar Bailey, 75, of Gardiner on Feb. 65.

Jessica Fagre said her daughter had been visiting friends in Vassalboro that day, and they told her Amber had left there to walk home.

Browne, who became a member of the Maine Golf Hall of Fame in 7568, did not return messages left seeking comment about the robbery, including a specific question about whether a woman was involved. His son, Taylor Browne, also did not return calls, but he previously told CBS 68 that an armed man had robbed his dad.

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“It wasn’t uncommon for her to walk or get rides or hitchhike,” Jessica Fagre said. “She got a ride, and they have her listed as a suspect.”

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